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Ōkunoshima (大久野島) is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is accessible by ferry from Tadanoumi and Ōmishima. There are campsites, walking trails and places of historical interest on the island. It is often calledUsagi Jima (ウサギ島, “Rabbit Island”) because of the numerous feral rabbits that roam the island; they are rather tame and will approach humans. [1] [2]

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My poor baby Phoebe developed head tilt this week, after two weeks of oral baytril and a penicillin injection. She was doing so much better until her head started tilting more and more every day.
I would just like to share a few things that have helped her cope so far:

1. Towel lined cage (as seen above). I considered ordering a soft sided travel pen (I still might), but this has been working very well to protect her when she has rolling fits. Today she started getting better at correcting herself. I’m glad she’s trying hard to function normally, but anytime she goes for cecal pellets or cleans her ear she topples over. We stayed up all night helping her right herself. I think Dusty, her husbun, gets freaked out by it so he’s been staying out of the pen for the most part, but occasionally comes back to give her encouraging kisses. Tangent! Sorry.

2. Created a litter box with a lower lip. She was crashing out a lot trying to get out of the regular litter box, so I cut the bottom off of a large pineapple box from Costco (vet said the bigger surface area the better). I lined the bottom with doggy potty pads, covered with carefresh and hay. I also put another potty pad beneath the box in case of leaking. I’m going to have to change this out pretty often I suspect.

3. At first she needed a lot of help from us to correct herself, but after a while she’s started to figure it out. I’m finding that me trying to help her sometimes makes her panic worse, and she can get up much faster (usually takes two crazy rolls to the right before she realizes she had to slowly shift to the left) if I just leave her alone.

For those wondering, we are, as the vet said, throwing the kitchen sink at her. She had us discontinue the penicillin injection, continue baytril, plus tobramycin eye drops in the ears, Myclizine (non drowsy Dramamine) to help with vertigo, oral panacure in case it is from the parasite E. Cunniculi, oral metacam (anti-inflammatory), and oral trimeth. The original culture showed staph, enerobacter, and flavobacter which are all naturally occurring in bunny respiratory tracts, but have overwhelmed her immune system.

I’ve noticed her eyes are getting a little red on the skin around her eye… Not sure if from trauma from rolling, or if they’re getting dry. If anyone has any advice on this or on anything else related, please let me know!


French Angora Rabbits by vjmarisphotos on Flickr.

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An impromptu photoshoot for Hannah’s Hop Hops in Newborn, GA

photos by Kalez Photography


Head over paws in love. 

The world when I am queen >83